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Accommodation Management Services

Travel Agency Mancan Travel, having extensive experience of 25 years in the field of tourism in Corfu, has the ability to provide you with comprehensive accommodation management services.

Our vision/mission is to unlock the potential of every accommodation by redefining the stay experience.

  • Improvement of delivering excellent services
  • Pursuing of high-end and repeated customers
  • Increase of your rental revenue

Why choose us?

What we offer:

  • Specialized, highly dedicated individuals who are dealing exclusively with accommodation management. 
  • Free-of-charge services. A personal travel agent is present upon the arrival (check in) of your guests.
  • Modern offices in the city-centre open and available 6 days a week during the whole year.
  • Our own website for promoting of your accommodation and experience in the management of social media.
  • Cleaning services at competitive prices. We are equipped with our own personal staff.
  • Review of your property, real estate valuation and market research.
  • Feasibility study of revenues and expenses for the season. 
  • Cooperation with experienced engineers, and workshops for house repair, maintenance, and accommodation upgrade.

With the takeover of the management of your property by our office, we undertake the following.

1) Preparation of your property. 

  • Creating your listing across multiple platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, Homeway, Flipkey, Tripadvisor etc.
  • Composing a perfect title for your property and writing an optimal description in order to get more listing views.
  • Professional photography services in collaboration with a professional photographer who will make sure your that your home is captured from its best side. 
  • We create and administrate your property’s pages on Social Media. (Instagram, Facebook).
  • Expert advice on your property by a mechanical engineer. Recommendations for repairs, maintenance and upgrades for improvement of your property.
  • Suggestions for decorating and designing indoor / outdoor spaces.

2) Platform account management (Airbnb, etc)  

  • Pricing of your property according the season and after market research in order to maximize your revenue, all that, having come to an agreement with you first.
  • Guarantee agreement with each platform.
  • Promotion in Social Media (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram), on the website of our office and on partner websites. 
  • Instant reply to customer’s messages 24/7 
  • Pursuit of maximum occupancy booking. 
  • Weekly update on the current bookings of your property. 
  • Booking synchronization calendar. 

3) Before the arrival of the guests:

  • One last final check of the accomodation (neatness, clean sheets, clean towels etc.)
  • Welcome gift for guests. (Depending on whether it is a family, friends or a couple)
  • Communication with the guests on the mode of their arrival. Looking for means of transportation with extra charge upon request.

4) Upon the arrival of the guests:

  • We are being present upon check in of the guests, in order to familiarize them with the house, so they have the optimal experience when they arrive.  
  • Providing a personal travel agent who comes up with food/ restaurant recommendations, entertainment and acquaintance with the island.
  • Constant contact with guest during their stay for anything they might need. 
  • Control of payments, depending on the payment terms of each platform. 

5) Upon the departure of the guest:

  • Controlling the status of the house before the departure of the customer. In the rare case of damage, we take over the contact with the platform and the guests for the compensation payment. 
  • Cleaning of the accommodation and preparation for the next guests arrival.
  • Monitoring comments on social media and on platforms, always aiming for positive feedback.

Billing Services

Depending on the range of services
that are requested, the following charges arise.

In summary

With our cooperation, we ensure that your property will have:

  • Its own presence on social media and accommodation platforms
  • Greater autonomy in management
  • Its own unique character with its own repeated guests
  • Upgraded guests quality with superior qualitative and financial features

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